Pensacola Ballroom Studio
Pensacola Ballroom Studio

It's amazing what dancing does to the brain. The stimulation to the brain is much greater than the stimulation that walking on a treadmill or elliptical machine will put on the brain. A huge part of health and anti-aging is keeping the brain stimulated. So the pattern footwork of dance, the rhythm of dance, the movement of dance, all up to exercise for the brain too.

Music will increase heart rate levels, intensity levels and duration of any exercise session. Music has a way of taking your mind off what you are doing. It's a fantastic way to combat the boredom that many people use as an excuse for not exercising.

Dancing has wonderful benefits for the joints. Swinging your hips, swaying your arms and shifting your body weight to the rhythm provide much wonderful exercise for your joints. These movement patterns are much more advanced than the traditional forward, backward, and side to side that walking, running, elliptical and spinning classes offer. The core strengthening it takes to hold posture, change direction, dip and twirl all come from basic strength. Even just wiggling requires core strength. Dancing makes you move in directions that you are not typically walking in, therefore you must strengthen all those muscles in the feet, legs, hips and core to move in those directions. The strength that happens with your ankles and feet only add to that protection factor against slips, falls, and balance problems.

We encourage you to start wiggling in your living room, dance more at parties or spin the ballroom floor with your sweetie. It's a wonderful activity which benefits all aspects of your life.

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