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There are countless ways to move your body to the music, and countless stories to tell with dance. Here are the most popular dances taught at our studio, and danced in clubs, formal events, and competitions the world over:

Foxtrot: This is America’s most popular social dance. It is generally known to be the foundation for all ballroom dances, and it is often called the first impression dance.

Waltz: The Waltz found its beginnings in southern Germany in the mid 17th century. This dance is the basis for many dances. The Waltz is commonly used as the first Wedding Dance. After all these years, it remains popular for its smooth and graceful feel.

Tango: The most exotic of the Ballroom Dances. This dance helps to develop a strong partnership. The greatest challenge is blending the patterns together into groups that will phrase with the music.

Eastern Swing: The birth of Swing music brought with it the Lindy. Through the years this dance has been known by many names: Lindy, Jitterbug, Hop, Jive, or Swing. Today it still remains the most popular of the social dances.

Rumba: This dance was inspired by African rhythms and Spanish melodies. Rumba is the basis for Cha-Cha, Mambo, and Bolero. Rumba helps sharpen your sense of rhythm and timing.

Cha Cha: Probably the most popular of the latin dances, the Cha Cha began as a part of the Mambo. This dance is very versatile and may be danced to modern music as well as traditional latin music.

Mambo: Mambo combines American jazz and Afro-Cuban beats. This dance became well known from the movie Dirty Dancing.

Samba: This dance is Brazil’s national dance. It is popular because it is adaptable to different tempos.

Merengue: This is a simple latin dance that is fun and easy to learn. This dance is often learned by people who travel on cruises.

Bolero: This is the slowest of the latin dances. It combines the rise and fall and cuban motion to create a smoth and sensuous dance.

Paso Doble: This very dramatic dance is known as the dance of the bullfighter. The man portrays the matador and the woman the cape.

Viennese Waltz: This is the fastest of the smooth dances, and is the closest to the original Waltz.

West Coast Swing: This dance originated on the west coast of the USA. In California there are what are known as “push clubs,” where literally all they dance is West Coast Swing. This dance has gained a lot of popularity with country western dancers, so much so that it is even now danced as a competitive country western dance.

Quickstep: This is a High energy International Standard dance, danced in the traditional Closed hold, dancers perform intriqued footwork at great speeds around the dance floor.

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